Category: 2012

5: Agreeing to Disagree

This week, AudioFiles explores the spirit of inevitable conflict with stories of people Agreeing to Disagree. Read more

4: Arts & Sciences

This week, AudioFiles delves into the world of Arts & Sciences, and we’re not talking about Biology 101.

Read more

3: Where the Boys Are

This week Audiofiles explores the worlds of boys. Or, well, places one would commonly associate with boys. From women boxing in Brooklyn to a native-Missourian accepting with her families love of guns, the Audiofiles team looked at people challenging, or coming to terms with masculinity. Also, a social club in Brooklyn struggles in a changing neighborhood. Live musical guest Justin King. Adam Warner hosts.

2: Making It Up As You Go

This show focuses on stories of adaptation, improvisation, and people learning to deal on the fly during tough times.  Read more

1: In Flux

It’s official: Fall is in the air, and here at AudioFiles we’re celebrating the season. Read more