Category: 2013

8: Just Kidding

This installment of our podcast looks at folks who make the hard work of getting laughs look easy.

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7: Longshots

We’ve all been there. The hill is high and the stone is heavy. And we are Sisyphus. This week’s show is about longshots. Stories about impossible tasks and the people that still try. Kathleen Culliton has a story about one bobsledder’s journey to qualify for the Winter Olympics. A year after Sandy, a Bronx bar has yet to reopen. It’s seen setback after setback. Alex Eidman reports. And a college football team known for failure is undefeated this season. Ronald Chavez takes you to the game. The band Our Guys perform.

6: A Place Called Home

What makes the place you live more than just the place you live? This week, the show takes us to a tender place – A Place Called Home. Read more