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Come to this AudioFiles’ season finale, Thursday, December 11th! We’ll be giving our all at Uniondocs, 322 Union Ave in Williamsburg. (Off the L train.)

What’s been promised to us this year? And have those promises been kept or broken? AudioFiles can keep one promise: this is going to be one fantastic show! Saeed Jones (author of Prelude to Bruise) will be reading poetry, questions will be answered aplenty and we’ll even be playing a classic game show!

“Promises, Promises” is free for current students, $10 for alumni and friends. Refreshments, laughs and insight will be served!

13: Water

What do gourmet ice cubes, the human microbiome and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge have in common? Water. Today on AudioFiles we explore how co-operative businesses helped the Rockaways get back on their feet after Sandy. We look at how plastic bags and other trash from the Bronx River ends up in our food, and how rogue scientists and engineers are designing infrastructure that can both withstand and protect cities from rising tides. We’ll also hear music from our in-studio guest, Selam.

HP L1984.75.1247 Come on in the water is fine at South Beach, S.I.

12: Trending

This week on Audio Files: Trending.

Stories of leading, following, and jumping on the bandwagon. We’ll take a look into the bizarre world of viral web videos, and hear from a group of New Yorkers who are trying to change the tide on how we think about—well… changing tides.

We’ll challenge the long-held wisdom that young voters are always the “hopey-changey” crowd in politics. Then, Greg Young of the Bowery Boys Podcast joins us in the studio to share some strange fads from New York City’s history.

Finally, we’ll hear some live traditional West African music that’s sure to outlast even the biggest Taylor Swift single.


11: Horror

This week’s episode is all about horror. We explore the world of horror films and the music that goes in them. We have stories about a fictional sport brought to real-life, a recreated eugenics lab in New York City and a father who is looking for the ghost of his daughter. New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman talks to us about the culture of horror while Glynn Washington of SNAP Judgement shows us how best to tell a ghost story. The band Radio Jarocho joins us live with some music inspired by Mexican and Afro-Caribbean beats.

Producer: Gwynne Hogan
Assistant Producer: Julia Alsop
Host: Reem Nasr
Stories by Thad Komorowski, Steve Trader, EJ Stuart, Frank Green and Natalie Abruzzo.

– Tales from the #HorrorFiles Crypt
– Ten Years of Saw: Less is More, More is Less?
– Why Do We Like Horror? A Q&A with critic Jason Zinoman
– The Curiosity of a Horror Movie Music Composer
– How to Tell a Scary Story: A Q&A With Glynn Washington
– Quidditch in Central Park
– The Reality of Eugenics
– The Mel Meter Paranormal Paradox
– Musical Guests: Radio Jarocho

10: Quality of Life

This week’s episode is all about living well, dying well, and the people who are trying to make things a little better for us along the way. We have stories about keeping the faith with spies in your midst, entrepreneurs fighting crime with coffee, and a town that thinks we might all be better off with a bit of lithium in the water. Jets beat reporter Dom Consentino and Huffington Post columnist Sarah Beauchamp talk feminism beyond the NFL scandal, and the band IndigeSoul joins us live with some ethnic global grooves. What a way to live.

Producer: Kristen Clark
Host: Natalie Abruzzo
Stories by Julia Alsop, Sarah Barrett, Caroline Lewis, Audrey McGlinchy, Reem Nasr and Elijah Stewart.

On this episode:

9: In or Out?

AudioFiles: In & Out

This week’s show was inspired by the film In & Out, the 1997 movie about a man in denial about his sexuality. We talk to actor Kevin Kline about what that film meant to him.

We have stories about people in flux, high school dropouts, the politics of banks and plastic bags, and what’s trending in tech.

Lafayette Stokely joins us for a live set in the studio and Andrew Hawkins, a politics and business reporter of Crain’s New York drops by for a live Q+A.

Producer: Sarah Barrett
Host: Steve Trader
Stories by Gwynne Hogan, Caroline Lewis, Roxanne Scott, and Oliver Morrison.