Ajai Raj – Julia Noulin-Merat Two-Way


Julia Noulin-MeratĀ is a set designer who’s worked on projects big and small. Show host Ajai Raj peeks behind the curtain to learn more about what she does, how she does it and why.

Behind the Scenes in NYC

This show explores a number of New York’s underground scenes. Read more

Ajai Raj Tesla Feature


In this segment from the 2012 episode “Making It Up As You Go,” Ajai Raj takes a deeper look atĀ Nikola Tesla’s contributions to modern science.


Adam Warner/Ajai Raj – Roosevelt Rotunda 2Way

Ajai Raj checks out the opening of the new Roosevelt Rotunda at the American Museum of Natural History.

Ajai Raj – John Kessel Interview

Ajai Raj interviews science fiction writer and editor John Kessel.

Ajai Raj – Antarctica


In what will probably go down as the most remote phone interview in Audiofiles history, Ajai Raj sits down for a chat with a scientist stationed at a base on the world’s coldest continent.