Kinder Egg Surprise

By Kristen Clark

Type the words “kinder egg surprise” into a YouTube search, and you will be led into a weird and unfamiliar world–unfamiliar, that is, except to legions of two-year olds and their bewildered mothers. Kinder Egg Surprise videos have been called everything from toddler crack, to tedium porn, to “just plain creepy”–but whatever they’re called, these inexplicably addictive videos of hands unwrapping chocolate eggs are now a multi-million dollar industry on YouTube. Producer Kristen Clark attempts to explain their strange appeal.

Photo by Julius Motal

From the HorrorFiles Crypt

By Caroline Lewis

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve always wanted to be part of the Midnight Society, that rag tag group of ’90’s kids that met up in the woods every Saturday night to tell each other (true) tales in Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This week, I got close. The Audiofiles team set out to find some good old-fashioned campfire stories, I looked up some creaky door sounds and we all gathered to listen and eat S’mores in the spooky fluorescent lighting of Room 330.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…

“The Ghostly Introduction”

“The Licker”
as told by Gwynne Hogan, AudioFiles Producer

“The Math Teacher’s Fate”
as told by Pat Robinson to AudioFiles Producer Kristen Clark

Chinese Inclusion and Exclusion

Waves of Identity

The Waves of Identity exhibit at the Museum of the Chinese in America is organized around questions like the ones posted in the window.

An influx of immigrants; Americans fearful for their jobs; lawmakers demanding action at the border. It may sound familiar, but we’re actually talking about the year 1882. That’s when the US Congress passed the Exclusion Act, which restricted the entry of Chinese laborers into the country.

Reporters Roxanne Scott and Kristen Clark explore 200 years of Chinese immigration.

The suitcases of immigrants from Angel Island.

The suitcases of immigrants from Angel Island, on display at the Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion exhibit at the New York Historical Museum.