Musical Guest: Selam

Inspired by pop, electro, jazz and blues Selam left northern Virginia to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and actor. Preview some of her music from her EP The Wild:

Marine Debris: How Bronx’s Trash Becomes the World’s Problem

By Roxanne Scott and Allegra Abramo

Marine Debris

Paddlers gathered in Concrete Plant Park in September to pick up trash in the Bronx River. Plastic dumped in the water, such as bottles and shopping bags, break into tiny bits. Waterways carry this trash across the globe hurting marine life here and afar.

Musical Guest: Salieu Suso

By Roxanne Scott

Musical Guest Salieu Suso hails from the Gambia, a small country in West Africa. He plays the kora, or West African harp. The instrument is made out of calabash and cow hide. He’s performed all over the globe including Africa and Europe. Craving to see the kora in action? Check out the video below.


Radio Jarocho

Radio Jarocho mixes Spanish, Afro-Caribbean and folkloric sounds. They joined us in studio for a live performance. Hearing them is one thing, but you have to see them in action, too – check out their video below.


Meet our musical guests:

Mixing ethnic global grooves, with the vocal styling of soul/R&B, IndigeSoul set out to spread their music to audiences all over! Formed in the beginning of February of 2014 by World music Hybrid/Percussionist Jimmy Lopez, who clearly states “This band has become musical soulmates, and we are creating a musical recipe that anyone can get into.”

Luminisa is the band’s main vocalist and lyricist, who not only evokes, but dynamically infuses the music with her spirit of soul, R&B, and other influences.

Joe Tisdal is a multi-instrumentalist and the band’s songwriter. He switches from being a groovy melodic acoustic guitar player, bass player, and keyboardist, going anywhere from classical, hip hop, jazz, and World-Beat.

Jimmy Lopez is a multi-instrumentalist and the band’s exotic hybrid-percussionist, bandleader, songwriter and main arranger. He brings in the ethnic world-beat flavor among other influences.

After their formation, IndigeSoul took the next four months to write and arrange their music. They immediately started to perform live on stages, television, and bringing together their audience who they call “Fam” short for (Family).

You can find more from IndigeSoul online at Facebook, Soundcloud or YouTube.

Our First Music Guest Lafayette Stokely Joins Us In Studio

South Carolina born, Florida raised and now Brooklyn resident member of the four man team The Soulstice, Lafayette Stokely decided to give it a turn as being a solo wordsmith. Starting at the age of 17 Lafayette began to develop his own skills as a storyteller stemming from his affinity with the storytelling styles of artist like J.Cole, Nas, and Jay Electronica. First showcasing his rhymes in a joint project with The Soulstice titled “MF Wonders”, followed by “Life’s journey,” a solo effort by Stokely that’s everything the title entails, a brief insight into the life of Stokely with stories about his relocation to New York, pressures to be successful in his craft, and his general perspective on life as a whole. With the next installment of Life’s Journey soon to come, and Stokely now living in New York, it’s safe to say we have yet to hear the best of Lafayette’s storytelling.

You can find him online at and follow him on Twitter @LDotStoke

Chinese Inclusion and Exclusion

Waves of Identity

The Waves of Identity exhibit at the Museum of the Chinese in America is organized around questions like the ones posted in the window.

An influx of immigrants; Americans fearful for their jobs; lawmakers demanding action at the border. It may sound familiar, but we’re actually talking about the year 1882. That’s when the US Congress passed the Exclusion Act, which restricted the entry of Chinese laborers into the country.

Reporters Roxanne Scott and Kristen Clark explore 200 years of Chinese immigration.

The suitcases of immigrants from Angel Island.

The suitcases of immigrants from Angel Island, on display at the Chinese American Exclusion/Inclusion exhibit at the New York Historical Museum.