Air Date: Nov 23, 2016
Episode: Access Denied

Have you ever been rejected? Turned down? Forgotten? This week on AudioFiles we explore the repercussions of systems and circles that ignore and deny people. We’ll talk to undocumented immigrants living in a post-election world, disabled New Yorkers navigating the city’s public transportation, female comic book writers struggling with a male-dominated fanbase, and more. Our special guest this week will be Irene Pease, physics teacher at York College.

Producer: W. Harry Fortuna
Assistant Producer: Raul Hernandez
Hosts: Nomin Ujiyediin, Chis Inoa
Stories By: Meaghan Lee Callaghan, Joanna Purpich, Jaja Gray, Mike O’Brien, Raul Hernandez, Chris Inoa

Contributors: Brandon Nix, KalaLea, Guglielmo Mattioli

Special Guest: Irene Pease

Musical Guest: Melanie JB Charles


Colony decline continues to ravage bee populations
by Meaghan Lee Callaghan

Agriculture relies on free pollinators to help fertilize crops, like the honey bee. While bee populations in the U.S. and abroad have been in decline, reporter Meaghan Lee Callaghan finds out that its not just the dreaded colony collapse disorder, but a complex mix of causes hurting bees.


Davin Larson, beekeeper at Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn. Photos by Maria Perez.



How accessible is New York’s subway for disable people? Not much.
by Joanna Purpich

New York is easy to get around. Subways zip around the city, and there’s buses on almost every corner. If those don’t work, hop off and walk or hail a cab. But for disabled New Yorkers, public transit turns into a nightmare.


Bleeding all the time
By Michael O’Brien

The rush of athletic competition can be addictive. Some athletes experience cravings so intense, psychologists compare it to drug withdrawal. Jared Gordon is a mixed martial arts fighter willing to push himself to the brink in order to get his fix.