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Homeless Folks Residing In Hotels Speak out After City Announces Plan to Relocate Them

During the peak of the pandemic, Mayor De Blasio relocated homeless residents from crowded shelters to hotels, to slow the spread of the virus. Many hotels across the city like Harmonia and Long Island City Plaza have housed homeless folks for years.

After numerous complaints from Upper West Side residents about The Lucerne, the men’s only facility in the Upper West Side, the city announced a plan to relocate Lucerne residents to Harmonia. This plan would relocate shelter residents across the city, creating a domino effect. Mayor De Blasio explained that hotels were meant to be a temporary relief for the homeless. After major backlash from the Coalition for the Homeless, The Legal Aid Society, and other advocates the city has halted the move until September 30th.

AudioFiles reporter Ali McPherson went to Harmonia to speak with residents and virtually met up with a homeless advocate at Lucerne to get a closer look at how they are moving forward.

Featured music is “Creep” by Emmit Fenn

Making It Work: COVID’s Impact on Violins, Bars, and NYC’s Homeless Crisis

COVID-19 has changed everything, from how we work to where we live. In this episode, reporter Erika Wheless looks at how one violin maker is adapting his centuries-old profession to suit the pandemic. And Reporter Valen Iricibar explains the updates to indoor dining and the COVID-19 surcharge. Later we hear from homeless folks who are speaking out after the city announced plans to relocate them after complaints from Upper West Side residents.

Managing Editor: Jackie Harris
Host/Producer: Megan Burney
Associate Producer: Holly DeMuth
Reporting by Ashley Rodriguez, Valen Iricibar, Ali McPherson, and Erika Wheless.
Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Guest: Rachel Holliday Smith

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