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Your Move, 2021

Two things are coming to an end: the year 2020 and this season of AudioFiles. In our final episode, we hear updates from small seasonal businesses and tips for solo holiday celebrations. Later, an infectious disease specialist helps us understand the latest developments on the COVID-19 vaccines and what to expect when the vaccines are finally available.

Also in this episode:
Holly DeMuth takes a peek at how a Netflix series is causing chessboard sales to skyrocket in New York.
Erika Wheless brings us the story of how a yoga studio owner in Queens has adapted her business during the pandemic.

Managing Editor: Jackie Harris
Host: Valen Iricibar
Lead Producer: Ashley Rodriguez
Associate Producer: Megan Burney
Reporting by Erika Wheless, Ali McPherson, Jackie Harris
Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Guest: Dr. Megan Coffee
Editors: Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng

Music credits: Doug Maxwell, Charlotte Muller, Albrecht Ihlenburg, Gras Young and Cheel

Answers to the 2020 sounds: Animal Crossing (music and sound effects), Among Us, Cardi B, Tiger King (Carole Baskin and “Tiger Saw Man” by Joe Exotic), Ben Shapiro and “Imagine” as sung by celebrities.

Surviving the Holidays Solo

Public officials are advising US residents to hunker down this winter and not travel. For the people heeding that advice, however, many will be spending holidays without family for the first time. Jackie Harris speaks with clinical psychologist Dr. Marsha Brown about taking care of yourself during an unusual, and potentially lonely holiday season.

Music credit: Cheel
Reporting by Jackie Harris

Midtown Holiday Vendors Struggle to Earn a Living

This holiday season is like no other. Many holiday traditions are on pause, as COVID cases continue to rise in New York. Every year crowds flock to holiday markets like the ones at Union Square, Columbus Circle and Bryant Park. The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is one of the only markets open for business, however, vendors are struggling to make ends meet. Reporter Ali McPherson traveled to Midtown to check in with vendors and see how they are holding up.

Music Credit: Holiday Brass Ensemble by Doug Maxwell/ Media Right Productions
Reporting by: Ali McPherson

Ohm Online: How One Yoga Studio Went Virtual In The Pandemic

The pandemic has forced many of us to change the way we exercise. Gyms and fitness studios are closed across the country. And many have started offering virtual classes to pay the bills. Reporter Erika Wheless brings us the story of how a yoga studio owner in Queens has adapted to moving her business online.

Music credit: Gras Young
Reporting by Erika Wheless

Chess Parlor Sees An Uptick in Popularity After Queen’s Gambit

Small businesses in the city are suffering under the COVID slump. But one New York shop is seeing a bit of a boom. Holly DeMuth reports that a Greenwich Village chess parlor is getting a surge of new customers these days thanks in part to the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

Music: Albrecht Ihlenburg
Reporting by Holly DeMuth