Our program starts with timely news and flows to related stories about climate and transportation. We start off with a story about NYCHA’s response to water damage from Hurricane Ida. Then we hear about activists at East River Park, and our first guest is a 19-year-old Brooklyn Pipeline Activist. Also in the mix is a transportation story about bridge carpooling to save tolls.

We have a dedicated 15 minute arts and culture segment featuring music from an avant-garde, city-funded orchestra and a story reported at this year’s ComicCon.

Lastly, we end with a story about an Algerian-American Muslim who shares his experience regarding prejudice against him after 9/11, and our second guest discusses a man detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Producer: Clark Adomaitis
Host: Angela Palumbo
Assistant Producer: Syed Haq
Stories by Harry Parker, Clark Adomaitis, Emily Nadal, Vanessa Ague, Aaron Tremper, Paige Perez, and Syed Haq.
Guests: Aderinsola Babawale and Latif Nasser
Music by Clark Adomaitis, Aaron Tremper, and the Moving Orchestra.