(S10, E6)
In the sixth episode and series finale of season 10, the AudioFiles shows off their great reporting and show production abilities.

First, Airport travelers have adjusted to COVID-19 after a year and a half of restrictions. Next, local researchers say dolphins are on the rise around New York City. Some are turning to whale watching boats to learn more about what dolphins are up to in the Big Apple. Later, reporter Emily Nadal speaks with prison reform advocates who are focused on rethinking the corrections system for women. We also look at the lack of conversation surrounding infertility in the Black community.

Producer: Angela Palumbo
Host: Syed Haq
Associate producer: Clark Adomaitis
Reporters: Harry Parker, Rachael Robertson, Vanessa Ague, Aaron Tremper, Emily Nadal, Jared Wright.
Guests: Emani King Mack and Regan Elyse Murray

Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Editors: Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng