Nov 16, 2022

(S11 E4)

In this episode of AudioFiles season 11, we bring you stories about New York City’s workers rights crisis, Instagram and censorship and the science of pouring the perfect pint of beer. Then, we hear the latest developments in Haiti’s political crisis from Haitian Times reporter Macollvie Neel. Later in the show, host Leonardo Lopez Carreno sits down with Joseph van der Naald, adjunct professor at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, to talk about how New York City has led the nation in the past year’s flurry of organized labor activity.

Managing Producer: Amanda Rozon

Host: Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Show Producer: Elizabeth Short 

Associate Producer: Thomas Hughes

Reporters: Tasha Sandoval, Laura Bratton, Amanda Rozon, Sarah Kerson, Paige Perez, Elizabeth Short and Thomas Hughes 

Guests: Joseph van der Naald, Macollvie Neel and Eli Dvorkin

Editors: Maggie Freleng, Kalli Anderson 

Engineer: Chad Bernard 

Music: Jason Shaw, Jonas Hipper and Dyalla