Musical Guests

Every week, Audiofiles features a different musical guest in studio. Select video archive from the drop down menu above to see each performance from our own studios in New York City, or find more information about each of our guests here. All music videos are produced by Tom DiChristopher with the help of a few intrepid camera operators. All music recorded and mixed by Chvad SB.

In Flux, 10/17/2012: The Narrative

From The Narrative’s website:

“The Narrative members Suzie Zeldin (Keys/Vocals) and Jesse Gabriel (Guitar/Vocals) grew up around the block from each other and didn’t even¬†know it. That is of course until a Craigslist musicians ad brought the two together over some highly mediocre New York pizza. They soon found out that not only did they attend the same high school, but they shared the same passion for music.”

Watch The Narrative in our studios here.