The Results Are In

It’s official! The votes — and a brand new episode of Audio Files — are in! In our third episode, we talk local politics with Harlem’s 68th Assembly District Leader, William Smith. The Audio Files team also hit the streets to see what issues brought New Yorkers to the polls this year. Coming later, the co-hosts of Knicks, Jets, Etc. podcast call in for a chat about how Kyrie Irving’s decision to skip the COVID vaccine could affect this year’s basketball season.

Host: Sarah Molano
Producer: Aaron Tremper
Associate Producer: K. Jared Wright
Reporters: Denny Jacob, Olivia Bensimon, Hannah Fullmer, Yessenia Moreno, Emily Nadal, Harry Parker, Yvonne Marquez, Angela Palumbo, Syed Haq
Guests: William Smith, John Meleka, Alex Trataros

Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Editors: Kalli Anderson, Maggie Freleng

New Lesbian Bar in Queens?

Organizers hope pop-up fundraisers can bring a lesbian bar to Astoria

Kristin “Dave” Dausch is leading the push to bring a new lesbian bar to Queens. With just three lesbian bars in the city, the bar’s supporters are hoping for more spaces to call their own.

Music credit: Clark Adomaitus
Reporting by Hannah Fullmer

Equity In Cycling

Access and equity in cycling is attempted to be brought to the forefront by Good Co. Bike Club. The activity saw a surge in popularity during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporting: Denny Jacob

Cool Roofs

Anitza Bermudez, 33, had been thinking about next steps since she stopped working at the onset of the pandemic to help her 7-year-old son with remote school. When she came across the HOPE Program, she knew this was the right thing for her. Not only would she learn all the necessary skills she’d need to enter the workforce as an electrician, but she would also be able to make an environmental difference in the South Bronx neighborhood she grew up in. For 10 weeks, Anitza painted the roofs of buildings in a reflective white paint which is supposed to help reduce the buildings heat and energy consumption during the summer and when in concentrated areas, generally lower the ambient heat of a neighborhood.

Music by: Clark Adomaitis
Reported by: Olivia Bensimon

Court is back in (person) session

After more than a year of remote hearings due to the pandemic, arraignments are now fully back to in-person across New York City. And this month, court observers from a watchdog organization called Court Watch are also back.

Reporing: Yessenia Moreno
Angel Parker:…am-coordinator
Jose Saldana:
MK Kaishian:
Outro music: Clark Adomaitis

New York City voters on what brought them out this election

AudioFiles reporters Syed Haq, Olivia Bensimon, and Harry Parker hit the streets on Election Day and asked New Yorkers what issues mattered to them in this municipal general election.

Music by: Aaron Tremper

Reported by: Syed Haq, Olivia Bensimon, Harry Parker

Don’t Touch That Dial: Full Episode

Our program starts with timely news and flows to related stories about climate and transportation. We start off with a story about NYCHA’s response to water damage from Hurricane Ida. Then we hear about activists at East River Park, and our first guest is a 19-year-old Brooklyn Pipeline Activist. Also in the mix is a transportation story about bridge carpooling to save tolls.

We have a dedicated 15 minute arts and culture segment featuring music from an avant-garde, city-funded orchestra and a story reported at this year’s ComicCon.

Lastly, we end with a story about an Algerian-American Muslim who shares his experience regarding prejudice against him after 9/11, and our second guest discusses a man detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Producer: Clark Adomaitis
Host: Angela Palumbo
Assistant Producer: Syed Haq
Stories by Harry Parker, Clark Adomaitis, Emily Nadal, Vanessa Ague, Aaron Tremper, Paige Perez, and Syed Haq.
Guests: Aderinsola Babawale and Latif Nasser
Music by Clark Adomaitis, Aaron Tremper, and the Moving Orchestra.

Don’t Touch That Dial: Creative Cosplayers

Cosplayers are finding creative ways to dress up COVID safety requirements as Comic Con returned to New York this month. Aaron Tremper reports.

Reported by Aaron Tremper
Photo Credit – Andre Chen

Don’t Touch That Dial: The Moving Orchestra

Many music groups are returning to the stage this fall with help from New York’s City Artist Corps grants. The Moving Orchestra was one of them. They’re a group of musicians, dancers and visual artists led by pianist Joey Chang and violinist Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim. They gave their first in-person concert after a year of Zoom events on October 9

Reported by Vanessa Ague
Photo Credit – The Moving Orchestra Instagram

Don’t Touch That Dial: Bridge Carpool

The George Washington Bridge connects New York and New Jersey and happens to be the busiest bridge in the world. It’s a toll bridge and it costs $16 to cross it. But some daily commuters have found a creative way to save time and money on their daily crossing.

Reported by Emily Nadal
Photo Credit- Emily Nadal