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What We're Up To

Our First Music Guest Lafayette Stokely Joins Us In Studio

South Carolina born, Florida raised and now Brooklyn resident member of the four man team The Soulstice, Lafayette Stokely decided to give it a turn as being a solo wordsmith….

High School Lobbyists Take On Plastic Bags

Reporter Oliver Morrison brings us a story of high schoolers learning how to lobby, by grilling New York City Councilmembers on the issue of banning plastic bags.

PopUp Archive

By Caroline Lewis PopUp Archive is a startup that uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe and tag audio recordings. Click on a word in the transcript and you can…

Queers on Screen

Producer/reporter Thad Komorowski chatted with actor Kevin Kline about his starring role in the 1997 Frank Oz film In & Out. Did it feel important at the time? Did they…