Latest Episode: Quality of Life

This week’s episode is all about living well, dying well, and the people who are trying to make things a little better for us along the way. (10/15/2014, 2 p.m.)
AudioFiles is a podcast produced by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

What We're Up To

The NFL and Domestic Violence

By Elijah Stewart The NFL has had a rough year off the field and Ray Rice isn’t the only player to blame for the NFL’s recent troubles. Reporter Elijah Stewart…

Seeing Ghosts

By Caroline Lewis These days, Claire, 32, looks like the picture of mental health. She meditates daily, has a stable relationship with her boyfriend, Hector, and keeps a busy –…

The Reconnect Café

By Sarah Barrett Going to jail at a young age starts kids off on the wrong foot. Rikers Island, the jail in New York City, has been called a revolving…

Lithium in the Water

By Audrey McGlinchy Should we put lithium in the drinking water? In some parts of the country, Mother Nature already has. And some bioethicists say we should follow her lead….