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AudioFiles Contributors 2018

Lea Ceasrine | Producer

Lea Ceasrine is a native New Yorker, who loves telling stories about this city. At CUNY, she concentrates on health, science and investigative reporting – and hopes to continue incorporating audio into the work she creates. She can be found here: @lea_cea

Avichai Scher | Producer

Avichai (Avi) Scher is a print and audio journalist. He’s written on health, LGBTQ and social issues, the environment and dance. His work has appeared in NBC News, The Daily Beast, HuffPost, Pointe Magazine, The Forward and The New York Times. Before journalism, he worked for Clinton Global Initiative helping develop international aid commitments. In his former life, he was a professional ballet dancer and choreographer for 10 years, noted in Dance magazine as a “top 25 to watch.”

Josh Christensen | Host

Josh is an audio journalist. His work can also be heard on NPR’s StoryCorps and the podcast Out of the Box Conversations. Prior to his journalism career, Josh was an actor and playwright performing all around the country. He is currently a student at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

Comice Johnson | Host

Comice Johnson is a writer, photographer and radio reporter. She enjoys covering New York City’s Mexican community, especially stories on art and culture. She has worked in Mexico City as an intern with VICE and currently works as an intern for NPR’s Latino USA.

Matt Cutler | Assistant Producer

Matt Cutler started in radio as an intern at WSVU in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, helping cut commercials and sitting in on the morning zoo. He’s looking for a job in January so “be in touch,” he says. He’s on twitter @mattcuter.

Rob Dozier | Music Producer

Rob Dozier is a writer and audio producer interested in culture, technology and the internet. He’s been in a complicated relationship with Drake since Degrassi and he drinks his coffee with extra soy milk. If you have comments or concerns, feel free to reach him on Twitter @robardzr.

Max Zahn | Reporter

Max Zahn most recently worked as a reporter for Blank Slate Media, a set of six local newspapers in Long Island. Before that, he worked as an assistant editor at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. His articles have been published in Columbia Journalism Review, Money Magazine, In These Times, and elsewhere.

Ariama Long | Reporter

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Ariama has many passions in life, including writing, poetry, photography and oil painting. She studies at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY and contributes to her family’s design company, Alodie Cloud. She is the first self-published author and recognized slam poet among her friends and family. She hopes to gain even more experience in the future and continue to hone her craft as an artist.

Camille Smith | Reporter

Camille Smith is in her third semester of the graduate program. She is from Chicago, IL and went to the University of Tennessee for undergrad, where she majored in journalism. Camille hopes to be a public radio reporter or go into producing podcasts after graduation.

Michael Rosenthal | Reporter

Michael Rosenthal is a student at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

Allie Weintraub | Digital Producer

Allie Weintraub is a multimedia journalist. She’s reported on politics, education, health and legal issues. She loves to submit FOIA requests in her spare time and drinks iced coffee until it’s below freezing outside. She’s written for Courthouse News Service, Bklyner, NBC New York and most recently was an intern at StoryCorps.


AudioFiles Contributors 2017

Molly Nugent – Producer

I love New York because … of its diversity and energy. There’s no shortage of interesting people to talk to and places to explore. And pizza… and bagels.

Why Radio, why now? Radio is such a uniquely intimate experience and if I love listening to it, why not make it myself?

If I can host any radio program, it would be … “Death, Sex and Money.”

My subject concentration is … urban reporting.

After graduation I plan to … go on a trip with money I don’t have and then get a job.

My zodiac sign is … Virgo.

My favorite podcasts include … “Radiolab,” “More Perfect,” “Death, Sex, & Money,” “Ear Hustle,” “Revisionist History,” “Criminal.”


Oscar Gonzalez – Producer

I love New York because … everything is here. When you live in a smaller city, sometimes you have to travel to another city just to see a certain band or sporting event. In New York, it’s all here.

Why Radio, why now? I’ve been podcasting since 2009 so I enjoy talking into a mic. Radio seems to be the right fit for what I like.

If I can host any radio program it would be … a long-form interview with interesting guests.

My subject concentration is … Business Reporting.

After graduation I plan to … get a job with Bloomberg.

My zodiac sign is … Cancer.

My favorite podcasts … “Joe Rogan Experience,” “LOS,” “UFC Unfiltered,” “You Know What Dude!”

Stefan Anderson – Assistant Producer

I love New York because … of the energy. We have to be specific about New York because in Poughkeepsie, NY you get a different vibe. But New York City brings out the most in me and makes me want to go after it.

Why Radio, why now? Radio is what I originally started with in undergrad and I always loved the form. With podcasting coming into play I think it’s a great place to showcase my skills.

If I can host any radio program it would be … “What’s Good” or “Revisionist History.”

My subject concentration is … Arts and Culture.

After graduation I plan to … gain employment where I can produce sports content on man platforms.

My zodiac sign is … Libra, of course.

My favorite podcasts include … “Up First,” “What’s Good,” “Revisionist History,” “The Lowe Post,” “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” “The Basketball Friends,” “Hidden Brain.”

Vicki Adame – Host

I love New York because … ummm, well, Macy’s is here.

Why Radio, why now? It’s a great way to tell a story. Podcasting especially allows you to tell a story with freedom not often found.

My subject concentration is … International Reporting.

After graduation I plan to … Take a vacation… probably Maui/ And then head to Mexico City to start a career as a foreign correspondent.

My zodiac sign is … Sagittarius and I live up to it.

My favorite podcasts include … “Dirty John” by the LA Times… it’s a five-part series, but it pulls you in. “Mejor vete, Cristina” – it’s Univision’s venture into podcasting. All in Spanish but again what a great story. And it’s great to see Spanish-language podcasts. And, of course, “Radio Ambulante”… I love the Latin America focus which I feel is not covered enough by the media.

Lucy Huang – Host

I love New York because … I was born here. I really can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Why Radio, why now? Part of science journalist is about telling stories and there are so many ways to do that. I think radio is one of the most personal and approachable. I want to bring that aspect to science reporting.

If I can host any radio program it would be … “Radio lab!” I don’t have as great of a voice as Jad or Robert but I would love to work with them.

My subject concentration is … Health and Science.

After graduation I plan to … work on a podcast.

My zodiac sign is … Capricorn.

My favorite podcasts include … “Invisibilia,” “The Daily,” “Still Processing,” “Radiolab” and “Only Human.”

Samia Bouzid – Reporter

I love New York because … there is someplace to dance every night of the week.

Why Radio, why now? Sound has always moved me. Beyond that, I think podcasts make room for voices I haven’t always heard and they make my world bigger.

If I could work on any radio show it would be … the “TED Radio Hour.” I love ideas and discovering humans behind them.

My subject concentration is … Health and Science.

After graduation I plan to … tell stories about science.

My zodiac sign is … Taurus.

My favorite podcasts include … “Invisibilia,” “Radiolab,” “Only Human,” “Code Switch,” and “Radio Ambulante” … to name a few!

Manolo Morales – Reporter


Nicole Rothwell – Reporter and Music Producer

I love New York because … of its food, people and subway (I hate driving). My seven years living in NYC has changed my life. I still miss my family, the chill vibes and open green spaces of Washington state, but I hope that native New Yorkers are okay that I call NYC my home.

Why radio, Why now? I’m obsessed with podcasts and get most of my news through radio. But I had never done audio storytelling until I started at CUNY J School. I expected to focus on visual journalism, but I fell in love with the behind-the-scenes of radio. Audio as a storytelling medium is intimate, accessible and powerful. With my earbuds in, I feel like the host and I are old friends and as the subway train whirls by each station my mind gets lost in the world of the story I’m listening to. I want to be part of that magic.

If I can host any radio program it would be … I don’t know about hosting, but I would love to report a story for the Center of Investigative Reporting’s “Reveal” podcast.

My subject concentration is … International Reporting.

After graduation I plan to … get paid for my reporting! I would love to find an opportunity with public radio or a podcast. My dream job is to be a reporter or producer with a narrative storytelling podcast or radio show.

My zodiac sign is … Scorpio. We Scorpios dig until we uncover the truth. Maybe more of us should become journalists…

My favorite podcasts include …  too many to list, but I’ll try: “Death, Sex & Money”; “Politically Re-Active”; “2 Dope Queens”; “Intercepted”; “Reveal”; “Latino USA”; “Radio Ambulante”; “Serial”; and more.

Erin DeGregorio – Online Producer

I love New York because … there’s never a dull moment in this city.

Why Radio, why now? Radio and podcasting are reaching a larger audience than ever before, and we, as journalists, have the ability and power to talk about our anything & everything under the Sun to listeners who have the same interests as us.

If I can host any radio program it would be … anything pop culture-related.

My subject concentration is … arts and culture reporting.

After graduation I plan to … take a well-deserved vacation and go to my city-based job (that I will have hopefully attained by December) after.

My zodiac sign is … Cancer — “When a job needs to get done, a Cancer will roll their sleeves up and finish it successfully.”

My favorite podcasts include … “The Nerdist Podcast,” “Fresh Air,” “Pop Culture Happy Hour,” The Ringer’s “Bachelor Party,” iHeart Radio’s “The Ben and Ashley Almost Got Famous Podcast,” Sports Illustrated’s “Very Olympic Today.”

*Photographs by Nicole Rothwell

AudioFiles Contributors 2016


Meaghan Lee Callaghan is a producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Radio is just for you. You can listen to a storyteller narrate, underlain with ambient noise of the outdoors or listen to a host interview a local politician, and feel like you’re really there and part of the conversation. My favorite podcasts … I absolutely love the informational podcasts from How Stuff Works, especially Stuff to Blow Your Mind. After those, I always look forward to Radiolab, This American Life, and other NPR-affiliate programs.



Raul Hernandez is a producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Radio is an evolving medium at the moment and there is nothing more exciting to me than getting in on the ground floor of something new. My favorite podcasts … Planet Money, Serial, Slate’s Political Gabfest.




Joanna Purpich is an assistant producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Why radio ever? Radio is exciting and great storytelling. Plus I love its history. My favorite podcasts … Reply All, Revolutions, Very Bad Wizards.





W. Harry Fortuna is an assistant producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Everyone always has time to listen. My favorite podcasts … RadioLab, History w/ Dan Carlin, This American Life.





Joaquin Cotler is a music producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Because podcasting has blown the world of audio journalism wide open.  Radio can be anything you want it to be. My favorite podcasts …  AUDIOFILES! Also Studio 360 and Chances With Wolves.  And big up to THE REFRESH!




Jaja Grays is a music producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? I love radio because it’s one of the quickest ways to have your voice heard. My favorite podcasts … The Read, 2Dope Queens and “Another Round.





Stephanie Daniel is a co-host for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now?There’s so many podcasts and shows now, I feel like I can find my niche and report the stories I’m passionate about. My favorite podcasts …  I tend to binge listen to podcasts so right now Criminal, Radiolab and Planet Money are in the rotation.





Brandon Nix is a co-host for AudioFiles. Why radio, Why now? I’ve loved radio for most of my life and the radio industry is booming with new podcasts. I feel like there’s more room to grow in radio where other people think it’s becoming more saturated. My favorite podcasts …  BS Report, Another Round, Rap Radar.




Christopher Inoa is a co-host for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Radio is just for you. You can listen to a storyteller narrate, underlain with ambient noise of the outdoors or listen to a host interview a local politician, and feel like you’re really there and part of the conversation. My favorite podcasts … I absolutely love the informational podcasts from How Stuff Works, especially Stuff to Blow Your Mind. After those, I always look forward to Radiolab, This American Life, and other NPR-affiliate programs.



Nomin Ujiyediin is a co-host for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? I’ve always been obsessed with radio and podcasts, and I came to school to learn how to make them. My favorite podcasts … My weekly must-listens are Reply All, Risk! and Another Round.





Victoria Edwards is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? I love how radio tells the story of the human experience. I haven’t found something more thoughtful, or emotionally invoking than radio. My favorite podcasts … StoryCorps, This American Life, Gabfest- Slate’s Political Podcast.





Devin Holt is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? It’s less complicated than video. My favorite podcasts … Snap Judgment. On The Media. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.






KalaLea is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Audio storytelling and radio is captivating. It demands the attention of the listener. It’s flexible and growing rapidly. My favorite podcasts … Radiolab, Criminal, Snap Judgment, Invisibilia, Love + Radio, Radio Diaries, Only Human, This American Life, Reveal, Strangers, Latino USA, Planet Money, Reply All, Life of the Law, The Upstanders, Politically Re-active … there are soooo many delicious podcasts these days.



Guglielmo Mattioli is an online producer for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Radio is hot!  And also as a non native speaker radio helps me listen to what I say, to curate my words and also I have a sexy voice, ahahahaha. My favorite podcasts … All Things considered, 99℅ invisible, and the Bowery Boys.





Michael O’Brien is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? It’s the most personal way to tell a story! And it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon – we need something in the background while we wash dishes! I also like the idea of people having to hear my voice during their commute. My favorite podcasts … Radiolab, On The Media, In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg. And of course, nothing is more comforting than The History of Rome.




Angely Mercado is the social media editor for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? I’ve never known much about how to write and report for radio until I came to CUNY J, and once here I learned about the different opportunities in podcasting and now I’d like to learn as much as I can. I’ve liked being exposed to different podcasts and styles, and it was great to see how I would write stories to suit radio. My favorite podcasts … 97.9 FM La Mega, Dear Prudence Podcast (Slate), and Latino USA.




Anna Roberts is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Radio has everything. It’s performative, it’s newsy, it’s creative and it’s intimate. My favorite podcasts … Reply All, Another Round, Mystery Show and the NPR Politics Podcast.






Zach Ripple is a reporter for AudioFiles. Why Radio, why now? Audio is conversational and allows for creative storytelling, so why not radio now?






AudioFiles Contributors 2014

Julia AJulia Alsop is a Co-Producer for AudioFiles. She is a radio producer and audio engineer living and working in New York. Follow her on Twitter @juliacalsop.




Sarah BSarah Barrett is a show producer at AudioFiles and a radio reporter covering issues around labour and social justice. Sarah is a Canadian living in Brooklyn, finishing up her Master’s in Journalism at CUNY.



Kristen CKristen Clark is a show producer for AudioFiles. She is a dedicated patron of condemned buildings and old-timey pub sings. She writes and produces from her fourth-floor fire escape in Central Harlem.



Gwynne HGwynne Hogan is a show producer for AudioFiles and writes and tweets for Voices of NY. She’s interned with WNYC’s Schoolbook, reported and photographed for an English-language daily newspaper in Chile and a culture magazine in Argentina. Follow her on twitter @GwynneFitz.



Thad KThad Komorowski is an online editor for AudioFiles, renowned animation historian and a reporter for WBGO News in Newark, N.J. He is also the author of the book Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story.



Caroline LCaroline Lewis is a reporter for AudioFiles. She is a somewhat nomadic NYC native and radio enthusiast interested in covering things like politics, activism, incarceration and mental health. Her signature props are headphones and a bicycle, although she usually refrains from using both at the same time.



Danny LDanny Lewis is an Online Producer for AudioFiles. He works in print, radio and illustration and focusing on stories with a health/science bent. He has reported stories for WNYC public radio in New York City. Danny does some of his best reporting while paddling canoes in superfund sites, whether its Newtown Creek or the Gowanus Canal. You can hear about the stories he’s working on and comic books he’s reading by following him on Twitter @dannydoodar.



Reem NReem Nasr is a show host at AudioFiles. She is a product of the NYU Journalism program and is continuing to learn at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She loves to communicate through the airwaves. Reem has produced for Muslim State of Mind on WBAI and for the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. She is of Egyptian and Lebanese descent and really enjoys telling stories of the Muslim American community.



Roxanne SRoxanne L. Scott is a freelance reporter and AudioFiles’ Music Producer. She reports on topics including education, politics, travel and culture. Her work can be seen in publications such as City Limits, Chalkbeat and NPR’s Latino USA.



EJElijah “EJ” Stewart is reporter for Audio Files. EJ is also a contributing sports blogger with and a reporter for CUNY-TV’s 219 West. EJ’s voice was heard over the air on Sportsradio 94WIP in Philadelphia, where he interned this summer, providing coverage on the NBA offseason and Mixed Martial Arts. EJ graduated from Hunter College in 2013 and, against his better judgement, is excited for the upcoming seasons for his beloved Jets and Knicks.



Steve TSteve Trader is one of the hosts of AudioFiles, and will graduate from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in December. In school, he focuses on business and radio reporting, but isn’t afraid to tackle an occasional odd narrative feature story like nude yoga or kidnap-escape training. He wants to work as a radio reporter and freelance magazine writer when he graduates. Some of his work has been heard on WHYY radio in Philadelphia, where he interned over the summer. When he’s not buried under a mound of schoolwork, Steve likes to sit on his Brooklyn rooftop and play guitar, poorly.



AudioFiles Contributors 2013

Ann Marie Awad is a co-producer of City in Demand. A SUNY Buffalo graduate and freelance reporter, Ann has written for the Mott Haven Herald and United Press International, and has reported for Philadelphia’s WHYY. She’s a fan of comic books, podcasts and flea markets.

Tiffany Camhi is the Audiofiles assistant producer and music producer. She is a multimedia journalist specializing in arts and culture reporting. In radio she has worked as a producer, reporter, deejay or all-around radio gopher at WNYC, WFMU, WITT, KPFA and KALW. Her writing includes music previews, reviews, and news for Relix Magazine and The Jersey City Independent and hyperlocal news coverage for The New York Times blog, The Local. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Tiffany is now based in New York City.

Ronald Chavez is the Online Producer and resident geek.  He studies Urban reporting at the CUNY J School, and has written for the New York Daily News, Riverdale Press and Norwood News. In his spare time he enjoys eating falafel, looking at buildings, and works on getting better at Super Smash Brothers.

Kathleen Culliton is the AudioFiles Producer and several other things as well. She is a student of international reporting here at the CUNY J-School, she is an intern reporter at WNYC, a knitter, and a cooker of kale. Yup, she’s Brooklyn.  Her work (in journalism) has been published by The New York Times and Crain’s New York and broadcast by Al Jazeera English. Her knitting has never been sold because it is terrible.

MaryEileen Croke is a show producer for AudioFiles. She is a freelance journalist who covers arts + culture, both high and low, and plans to work in radio forevermore. Mary loves a good underdog story – she is a Mets fan, after all. She lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and tweets @maircroke.

Alex Eidman is co-host of Audiofiles. He is interested in exploring stories at the intersection of sports and science. When he’s not reporting, Alex can be found yelling loudly at the New York Knicks and Giants and spending time fishing in the Catskills. He recently interned with Oregon Public Radio’s live talk show Think Out Loud.

Topher Forhecz is a student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in the urban reporting program. Topher has written for The Washington Post as well as the Washington Post Express. His work has aired on Miami’s WLRN and Fort Myers’ WGCU.

Elly Yu is a co-host and reporter for AudioFiles. She’s a multimedia reporter with a love for audio and reporting on diverse communities. She’s had her work air on NPR, WABE and is currently interning at WNYC’s news desk.  Elly holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Southern California, and is conversational in Mandarin Chinese and Korean. When not chasing stories, she loves to cook, listen to 90s hip-hop and take photos of her flamepoint Siamese cat aptly named Apollo.

AudioFiles Contributors 2012

Willis Arnold is the producer of the Local Music Worldwide series. A multi-media artist focused on arts and culture reportage, he currently attends the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in order to broaden his knowledge base and further develop his skills in the field.


Sean Carlson is the online producer for Audiofiles, creating web extras for the show and maintaining the website. He has worked for a number of publications in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He lives in Brooklyn and, when not chasing down true stories, spends his time writing fiction.


Althea Chang is an online producer for Audiofiles and maintains the show’s social media. A multimedia reporter and editor based in Brooklyn, she covers business news, personal finance, consumer products, health and technology.


Eli Chen is a reporter for the show, recording and editing stories every week. She hails from Chicago, where she grew up around poets and became addicted to storytelling. She loves stories about mad scientists, ridiculous animals and anything weird about people making food. Eli lives in Queens.


Tom DiChristopher is an online producer for Audiofiles, creating web video for the show. He is a multimedia journalist based in Brooklyn, but served as managing editor of the city magazine AsiaLIFE HCMC in Vietnam for two years before returning to the city to pursue a graduate degree in journalism.


Justin Mitchell is a show producer at Audiofiles. He was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and has worked throughout the world as an ESL teacher. He enjoys working in print, audio, and video media.  Justin lives in Brooklyn.


Ajai Raj is a co-host of Audiofiles and works as a journalist in New York. He has contributed stories to Scientific American Mind and COSMOS, a science magazine based in Sydney, Australia. He also writes reviews for, an arts and culture website.


Rachel Sapin is assistant producer for the show. She works as an independent journalist, exploring communities and culture and delivering their stories via paper, pixels, and airwaves. She splits her time between New York and the American West.


Jorteh Senah is the Audiofiles music producer. A Ghanaian/Trinidadian, he has contributed to Giant, Rap-Up, Dominion of New York, WNYC and the New York Times’ hyperlocal blog The Local. He resident of Harlem and enjoys scouring his neighborhood for unique cuisines.


Daisy Rosario is a show producer at Audiofiles. A Brooklyn native, Daisy has had many strange jobs in the name of curiosity. In addition to being a freelance journalist, she is a producer of The Moth’s NYC StorySLAMS, and an intern on NPR’s Latino USA. She recently interned with WNYC’s Radiolab.

Mary Shell is a co-host with Audiofiles. She is also a multi-media reporter specializing in business, education and French bulldog coverage.  She has contributed to Crain’s New York Business, Dominion of New York, and the New York Times’ Fort Green/Clinton Hill hyperlocal blog.

Christine Streich is an Audiofiles show producer. She is addicted to talk radio, French culture, good love stories, and spending time with her awesome dog, Hot Sauce.  A multimedia reporter, she has covered NYC public schools for and The Local: Forte Greene & Clinton Hill.  She recently interned for The Brian Lehrer Show at WNYC Radio.

Adam Warner is an Audiofiles co-host, and is a radio journalist and poet from Queens by way of Cleveland. He enjoys botany, late night radio, science fiction, and Indian food.  You can find him stargazing with his two pet shrimp, Little Nun Shrimp and Tape Money Jones.