Growing for New York’s Retail Cannabis Market

Dec 7, 2022

Marijuana farmers are gearing up for the opening of New York State’s retail cannabis market. Many have completed their first harvest just in time for the handful of dispensaries that received licenses late last month. But some growers are already facing some challenges. We visit a few weed farmers about the state’s legal industry and their unique place within it.

Reported by Trina Mannino.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Human Composting, The Next Big Thing?

Dec 7, 2022

Q+A. Our preferences for end of life planning are deeply personal choices shaped by our cultures and values. Some people want their ashes spread in their favorite place. Others want to be buried in their family cemetery plot. Soon, New Yorkers might have a new option for end of life care — having their body composted and turned into soil.
Reporter Rachel Robertson joins our host to explain what human composting is and the bill that would make it legal.

Researchers Find Link Between Superstorm Sandy and Psychiatric Disorders In Kids

Dec 7, 2022

Ten years after Superstorm Sandy hit New York City, a study following pregnant women and their kids finds that exposure to the hurricane in the mother’s womb was associated with elevated rates of psychiatric disorders in kids.

Reported by Paige Perez.

Music: Malictusmusic Free Music Archive, TrackTribe YouTube Audio Library. Archival tape courtesy of Rolf Yngve, Internet Archive.

Is Human Composting The Next Big Thing? – Full Episode

Dec 7, 2022


In this final episode of AudioFiles season 11, reporter Rachel Robertson joins to explain human composting and a bill to legalize it. We visit a migrant holiday market, hear from Congressman Hakeem Jeffries’ constituents and check in with unionization efforts at the Brooklyn Museum. 

Our host Elizabeth Short sits down with Ligia Guallpa, Executive Director of the Workers Justice Project, to talk about what her organization is doing to support migrant workers. Then Phil Chan, co-founder of Final Bow For Yellow Face, joins to talk about a movement to remove racist depictions of Asians in ballet. Later in the show, host Elizabeth Short speaks with freelance journalist Dan Friedman on the calls to boycott the Qatar World Cup games. 

Managing Producer: Amanda Rozon

Host: Elizabeth Short

Show Producer: Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Associate Producer: Thomas Hughes

Reporters: Yvonne Marquez, Paige Perez, Thomas Hughes, Trina Mannino and Rachael Robertson,

Guests: Ligia Guallpa, Phil Chan and Dan Friedman

Editors: Maggie Freleng, Kalli Anderson 

Sound Engineer: Chad Bernhard 

Music: TrackTribe Malictusmusic Free Music Archive, Kai Engel, Jason Shaw, WinnieTheMoog.

A New Lease on (Nine) Lives

Nov 30, 2022



A new, affordable veterinary clinic is set to open in Flatbush, Brooklyn in Spring 2023. Flatbush Cats is the organization that just signed a ten year lease to provide care for the pets of community members and the stray cats in the neighborhood. We hear from volunteers about their efforts. 

Reported by Elizabeth Short

Dedicated to Dancing Through Life

Nov 30, 2022


In this installment of “New York at work,” we meet Vado Diomande, choreographer and teacher at Cumbe — the Center for African and Diaspora Dance in Bed-Stuy. He shares his lifelong passion for dance and tradition, as well as the bold decision to start his own dance company.

Reported by Hannah-Kathryn Valles

Brooklyn Landmarks LGBTQ History

Nov 30, 2022

After nearly 50 years, The Lesbian Herstory Archives in Park Slope has received landmark status from the Landmark Preservation Commission, making it the first of its kind in Brooklyn. We hear from volunteers and interns who have spent years dedicating themselves to preserving LGBTQ history.
Reported by Yvonne Marquez

World Cup Fever hits NYC

Nov 30, 2022

Fans from across the globe congregate at the Red Lion pub in the West Village to watch heated match-ups during the World Cup. Together they share triumphs, losses, and a deep sense of national pride.
Reported by Trina Mannino

New York City’s Most Dangerous Job – FULL EPISODE

Nov 30, 2022

In the penultimate episode of AudioFiles season 11, we bring you stories of tragedy in the construction industry, World Cup fans, LGBTQ history, African dance and affordable veterinary care. We hear from Dr. Philip M. Tierno about the status of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in New York. Host Amanda Rozon sits down with Yun-Hee Proffit, Executive Director of Drag Story Hour NYC to discuss a spike in hate crimes against the LGBTQ community. Then, reporter Amanda Kari McHugh talks about her reporting on the experiences of adoptees and birth mothers. To close out the show, Erica Saldívar García, Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, joins to discuss how a shortage of bilingual teachers is affecting students who need them.

Managing Producer: Elizabeth Short
Host: Amanda Rozon
Show Producer: Thomas Hughes
Associate Producer: Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Reporters: Tasha Sandoval, Trina Mannino, Yvonne Marquez, Elizabeth Short and Hannah-Kathryn Valles.

Guests: Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Yun-Hee Proffit, Amanda Kari McHugh and Erica Saldívar García
Editors: Maggie Freleng, Kalli Anderson
Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Music: Jason Shaw
Archival audio: Lesbian Herstory Archives



Stolen Wages in Construction and a Worker’s Rights Crisis

Nov 16, 2022

All workers in New York City, regardless of citizenship status, are granted the same rights under New York State labor laws. They have the right to a fair wage, to be paid on time and to work free of harassment and discrimination. But in the construction industry, undocumented immigrant workers who are reluctant to report violations are at risk of being exploited by their employers. We attend a training session aimed at teaching recent migrants how to advocate for themselves on the job.
Reported by Amanda Rozon

The Science of a Perfect Pour

Nov 16, 2022

Kate Ryan, a bartender at Paddy McGuire’s in Gramercy, makes about 700 drinks a night. But pulling beer is a meticulous task that she has down to a science. In this installment of our “New York at work” series, we head to this Irish pub to learn how to pull the perfect pint and tackle the finicky Guinness.
Reported by Thomas Hughes