2023 Team

Safiyah Riddle, Reporter


Safiyah Riddle is a journalist and audio producer from New York City. Her work has appeared in outlets such as THE CITY, Hell Gate, WNYC, Crain’s Chicago Business and Reuters. She is the current production intern at StoryCorps. Safiyah loves open water swimming at Brighton Beach and going for long walks.


Kim Izar, Reporter

Kimberly Izar is an engagement and audio journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is passionate about telling stories at the intersection of arts and culture and community health needs. Kim was recently a longform podcasting intern for NPR’s Rough Translation series, and her work has been featured on Gothamist, Prism, and others. She enjoys cooking, park days, and strong coffee. 


Rachel Goldman, Reporter















Rachel Goldman is a freelance arts and culture and audio journalist from Westchester County. She loves to give intimate, human interest oriented angles to conversations happening around the city. She was recently a production intern at StoryCorps. Her work has been featured in outlets such as The New York Daily News, The BK Reporter, and The Bklyner. She enjoys tinkering with new vegetarian recipes, long walks, and talking about television. 


Sajina Shrestha, Reporter 

Sajina Shrestha is a multimedia journalist interested in how identities and arts influence each other. She is currently attaining her Masters at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY and has interned for The Guardian and StoryCorps. In her free time, she likes collecting Sonny Angels and reading mangas. 

Website: sajina.online
Twitter: @ssajina2

Alex Krales, Reporter

Alex Krales is a New York City based journalist reporting on public health and mass incarceration. 

Aaliyah Fisher, Producer/Host 

Aaliyah Fisher is a journalist from Miami, FL focused on all things arts and culture. Through her work, she hopes to restructure and reimagine the way news is being practiced and shine a light on “feel good” and solutions based stories.

Christian Nazario, Producer/Host 

Christian Nazario is a Puertorican journalist from New York City. He had interned for BronxNet TV as a producer, and his work has appeared in the Mott Haven Herald and Hunts Point Express. Christian is a big Sports Enthusiast and enjoys playing sports and exploring New York. 

Instagram: Chris.the.journalist

Nicolas Magrino, Producer/Host 

Nicolas Magrino is a third semester graduate student at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism in the Health & Science concentration. He also has published work in Food Bank News.

Amanda McHugh, Producer/Host 

Amanda Kari McHugh is a multimedia journalist and double-masters candidate at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. With a passion for impactful journalism and storytelling, she has successfully engaged audiences through her viral content and community engagement. She is the founder of the multi-platform engagement project, “Voices of Adoption,” where her TikTok video addressing the Dobbs opinion leak earned more than 140k views and more than 2k comments. In her internship at The Texas Standard this past summer, her work has shown to be some of the show’s most engaging stories across their social platforms, driving more traffic to the site. Other bylines — which includes photo and video work — include: StoryCorps, Everfest/Fest300, The Hollywood Reporter, Vice, Time Out New York, Highlark, Lecturas (print), Dancing Astronaut, NYCity News Service, CUNY TV and more. 

Ashley Reed, Managing Producer 

Ashley Reed is a freelance arts and culture journalist from Queens, New York. She is earning her master’s degree at the Craig Newmark School of Journalism at CUNY where she specializes in audio journalism. A music enthusiast and culture writer, Ashley’s works primarily focus on how underrepresented communities use the Arts to express themselves and explore their identities.