Stolen Wages in Construction and a Worker’s Rights Crisis

Nov 16, 2022

All workers in New York City, regardless of citizenship status, are granted the same rights under New York State labor laws. They have the right to a fair wage, to be paid on time and to work free of harassment and discrimination. But in the construction industry, undocumented immigrant workers who are reluctant to report violations are at risk of being exploited by their employers. We attend a training session aimed at teaching recent migrants how to advocate for themselves on the job.
Reported by Amanda Rozon

The Science of a Perfect Pour

Nov 16, 2022

Kate Ryan, a bartender at Paddy McGuire’s in Gramercy, makes about 700 drinks a night. But pulling beer is a meticulous task that she has down to a science. In this installment of our “New York at work” series, we head to this Irish pub to learn how to pull the perfect pint and tackle the finicky Guinness.
Reported by Thomas Hughes

Businesses See the Economic Benefits of Vanderbilt Avenue Open Streets

Nov 16, 2022

The Department of Transportation launched the Open Streets program early in the pandemic as a way to help struggling businesses. Now, over two years later, they release a report that shows the program’s tangible economic benefits. We go to Open Streets on Vanderbilt Avenue to check in.
Reported by Tasha Sandoval 

New York City’s Workers Rights Crisis – FULL EPISODE

Nov 16, 2022

(S11 E4)

In this episode of AudioFiles season 11, we bring you stories about New York City’s workers rights crisis, Instagram and censorship and the science of pouring the perfect pint of beer. Then, we hear the latest developments in Haiti’s political crisis from Haitian Times reporter Macollvie Neel. Later in the show, host Leonardo Lopez Carreno sits down with Joseph van der Naald, adjunct professor at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, to talk about how New York City has led the nation in the past year’s flurry of organized labor activity.

Managing Producer: Amanda Rozon

Host: Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Show Producer: Elizabeth Short 

Associate Producer: Thomas Hughes

Reporters: Tasha Sandoval, Laura Bratton, Amanda Rozon, Sarah Kerson, Paige Perez, Elizabeth Short and Thomas Hughes 

Guests: Joseph van der Naald, Macollvie Neel and Eli Dvorkin

Editors: Maggie Freleng, Kalli Anderson 

Engineer: Chad Bernard 

Music: Jason Shaw, Jonas Hipper and Dyalla

Respite For Deliveristas

Nov 2, 2022

Delivery workers zoom around the city bringing to us the food we’ve ordered. That doesn’t leave them with a lot of safe and clean places to rest throughout the day. New York City officials are now planning to transform vacant news stands across the city into worker hubs where workers can take a break during shifts. We hear from Los Deliveristas Unidos, the group leading the push for this change.
Reported by Yvonne Marquez

The Mayor of McCarren Park

Nov 2, 2022

In this installment of “New York at work,” we hear from fitness instructor Kiki Morris who has been helping locals achieve wellness from the same corner of McCarren Park for almost 25 years. He says feeling good comes from inside and exercise isn’t about looking good. 
Reported by Trina Mannino 

Queer Story Hour

Nov 2, 2022

Organizations like Drag Queen Story Hour NYC have received pushback from people who think exposing kids to drag queens is dangerous. But drag queen Bella Noche continues to bring stories on inclusivity and acceptance to New York City kids. We hear from Bella Noche before she hosts a story hour session on Randall’s Island.
Reported by Leonardo Lopez Carreno

How Can New York City Prepare For Future Hurricanes? – FULL EPISODE

Nov 2, 2022

(S11 E3)

In this episode of AudioFiles season 11, we bring you stories about rest stops for delivery workers, how New York City deals with hurricanes and provide updates on the midterm elections. Then, host Elizabeth Short interviews reporter Molly Boigon on her investigation into abusive labor practices and labor trafficking on US military bases abroad. Later in the show, our host talks to Jaime Longoria Castillo, manager for research and training for the Disinfo Defense League, about how misinformation and disinformation campaigns are targeting the Latinx community. 

Managing Producer: Amanda Rozon

Host: Elizabeth Short

Show Producer: Thomas Hughes

Associate Producer: Leonardo Lopez Carreno

Reporters: Tasha Sandoval, Yvonne Marquez, Trina Mannino, Laura Bratton, Leonardo Lopez Carreno. 

Guests: Thaddeus Pawlowski, Molly Boigon, Jaime Longoria Castillo

Editors: Maggie Freleng, Kalli Anderson 

Sound Engineer: Amber Watson

Music: Jason Shaw, Dilating Times, oymaldonado, Kirk Osamayo