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Fall Risk

On Halloween, two brothers’ bickering leads to an accident that left them scarred and inspired. Emrys Eller produced this non-narrated report.


Photo by Blaise Beyhan, 2014

17: Rituals – Stories of Ceremony and Habit

Rituals make up a big part of our lives. From attending religious services to how we get ready in the morning…we’ll take you through some of the daily practices that make NYC tick. We hear how a record store — in operation since 1968 — opens with its own ritual every morning in Brooklyn. We also visit a Halloween party where bike clubs from all over the country come to show off and celebrate their love for two-wheeled vehicles.Vodou priest and musician Neg Mawon joins us to talk about the religious and cultural traditions that have been a part of his family for generations. And, Sam Saffery of the band Bird Courage joins us in the studio for a live set.

Producer: Joseph Altobelli
Assistant Producer: Lilly Knoepp
Host: Jack D’Isidoro
Stories by: Gabriela Sierra Alonso, Emrys Eller, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Ryan Wallerson

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Organ donation advocates make headway despite challenges in NY

Would you like to register to be an organ donor? We’ve all had that question posed to us at one point, whether at the DMV or filling out a voter registration form. Well it turns out these efforts don’t the job done. A recent study shows that state programs developed over the past 20 years to increase donation rates have basically failed. This is most apparent in New York which ranks dead last. Here the number of people signed up is less than half the national average. Working our way up has its challenges.

Re-birthday celebration

American Liver Foundation hosts a “re-birthday” for liver transplant recipients and their families in Tarrytown, NY. Courtesy of American Liver Foundation.

Right Back At It Again: Staten Island 3 Years After Sandy

Construction on the New York Wheel over in Staten Island has started up once again after delays due to proposed changes. At a town hall style meeting in late October, between 11 small business owners and representatives from the Department of City Planning, business owners expressed their feeling of neglect that the city has focused so much time on building this attraction, rather then continuing to aide them after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, or making progress on the proposed ‘sea wall’ to prevent future flooding. “We want an exact timeline,” demanded Joe Herrnkind of the Staten Island Alliance. Joseph Altobelli caught up with some of these business owners to see how they are faring three years after the storm.

Bagels 3

Diana Petrone’s business, Not Just Bagels, was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. Three years later, she is still trying to get her shop of 11 years back to normalcy. Photo by Joseph Altobelli.

My Mom is a Soil Scientist

When reporter Lilly Knoepp hears From the Ground Up, she thinks about the dirt beneath her feet. That’s because her mom, Dr. Jennifer Knoepp, is a soil scientist. Lilly talked to her mom while she was walking the dogs in the woods behind their house about being a soil scientist and how it has affected her as a parent and a person.

UnCharted Territory: One NY Charter School Does Things Differently

Many highly rated charter schools in New York City have a reputation for rigid structure and intense test prep. Critics argue that models burn out teachers and squelch student creativity. Last month even President Obama called for limits on heavy testing in schools. Levi Sharpe visited a new charter school that’s working on getting great test scores by doing things differently.

Emily Hoefling Teaches

October 8, 2015 – Brooklyn, NY – Principal Emily Hoefling fills in for a teacher who is absent. Levi Sharpe/AudioFiles.

16: From the Ground Up

Hosted by Emrys Eller
Assistant Producer: Lilly Knoepp
Stories by Joe Altobelli, Lilly Knoepp, Karen Shakerge, Levi Sharpe, and Ryan Wallerson
Produced by Maggie Freleng


Entertaining Politics

It’s become pretty commonplace for politicians to star on late-night television. How could anyone forget president Obama slow-jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon?

Reporter Lilly Knoepp reports on the entertainment value of politics and how that’s amplified by social media.

Millennials gathered in a Williamsburg bar to watch the second Republican debate.

Millennials gathered in a Williamsburg bar to watch the second Republican debate.

Food Passion Vs. Food Politics Among Millennials

While millennials love farmers markets and brunch, food justice and food politics are still mostly considered side dishes. Generation Z, on the other hand, are flocking to food studies programs to unpack food systems — the complexities of agribusiness and the farm bill.

Animal welfare activist group Collectively Free stages a "human bacon" protest outside a bacon festival in Brooklyn. Photo by Mia Garchitorena 2015.

Animal welfare activist group Collectively Free stages a “human bacon” protest outside a bacon festival in Brooklyn. Photo by Mia Garchitorena 2015.

FUN FACTS: Across the U.S., 80 million millennials have a collective annual spending power of 200 billion dollars. The food industry is definitely paying attention. Recently, Whole Foods announced plans to launch a budget grocery chain aimed at cash-strapped millennials. Also, McDonald’s and Pepsi have healthy options in the works.

Nuyorican Bike Culture

The Schwinn bicycle has a rich history in New York’s Nuyorican communities. In many of these enclaves, you’ll find members of riding clubs showing off their stylish vintage bicycles–their bicicletas antiguas– decorated with chrome, car horns, and flags. This tradition dates back to the beginning of Puerto Rico’s mass migration to the US in the 1950’s. Jack D’Isidoro explores this cultural phenomenon.

Roberto, 68, and his 1950's Schwinn Phantom in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Roberto, 68, and his 1950’s Schwinn Phantom in Bushwick, Brooklyn.