In this episode:
1. Jacob Kaye asks people for their best and worst app ideas.
2. Harsha Nahata and Maria Robins-Somerville test out an app that tells you when to go to the bathroom during a movie.
3. Benjamin Powers introduces us to Prick, an insta-famous hedgehog
4. Ethan Stark-Miller explores an app working to make the subway more accessible.
5. Aagya Martha joins us in the studio to tell us about the app that she created that reminds you to take your birth control.
6. Benjamin Powers jumps into the world of some…unconventional online dating practices.
7. Musical guest ELIANA and Cairo Marquez-Neto

Producer: Benjamin Powers
Host: Harsha Nahata
Assistant Producer: Ethan Stark-Miller
Music Producer: Natalia Keogan
Stories by: Harsha Nahata, Jacob Kaye, Benjamin Powers
Engineers: Chad Bernhardt and Amber Watson
Editors: Maggie Freeleng and Curtis Fox
Music by: Blue Dot Sessions and Ketso