Dying without dignity, a creepy sexual encounter, the fear of using your home. These are the things we fear.

In this episode:

1. Shira Feder investigates a neglectful nursing home
2. Chris Polansky explores how cyclists use technology to stay safe from reckless drivers.
3. Former public defender Rebecca Kavanagh joins us in studio to discuss increased police presence in the subways.
4. Jacob Kaye reports on the opposition to a homeless shelter in Glendale Queens
5. A woman has a creepy encounter in the sex shop where she works.
6. Elise Okusami of Oceanator is our musical guest.

Host: Jacob Kaye
Producer: Maria Robins-Somerville
Assistant Producer: Ethan Stark-Miller
Reporting: Shira Feder, Chris Polansky, Natalia Keogan, Harsha Nahata, Ethan Stark-Miller,
Editors: Curtis Fox and Maggie Freleng
Audio Engineers: Chad Bernhard and Amber Watson