On the last Audio Files episode of the decade, we’re going deep.

1. Harsha Nahata and Jaime Longoria explore the intersection between legal weed and immigration.
2. Ethan Stark-Miller digs into the MTA’s long-delayed efforts to make subway station design more useful to people with disabilities.
3. Maria Robins-Somerville talks to a woman about finding god…in her leg.
4. Natalia Keogan asks, who controls music, the musician or their label?
5. Dig Nitty plays live in the studio.

Producer: Jacob Kaye
Assistant Producer: Ethan Stark-Miller
Host: Shira Feder
Reporters: Harsha Nahata, Jaime Longoria, Ethan Stark-Miller, Maria Robins-Somerville and Natalia Keogan.
Editors: Curtis Fox and Maggie Freleng
Engineers: Amber Watson and Chad Bernhardt
Music: Blue Dot Sessions