Thanksgiving is creeping around the corner, and Ashley Rodriguez reports on how Native Americans across the country are pushing back against the way Thanksgiving is taught in American schools. Also, a turkey farmer who is struggling to sell turkeys on Thanksgiving now that COVID-19 has forced people to downsize their family gatherings. And producer Megan Burney asks an epidemiologist’s advice on staying safe with family during the holidays.

Also in this episode:

We observe Transgender Day of Rememberance, a time to honor the memory of transgender and non-binary people who lost their lives to anti-trans violence. Reporter Valen Iricibar brings two generations of trans folks together to talk about what it means to be trans right now and the road ahead.

Tre’vell Anderson, a gender non-conforming journalist and advocate for Black trans people, on the presidential election and what work needs to be done to ensure that all trans folks are able to live, survive and thrive no matter who is in office.

Managing Editor: Jackie Harris
Host/Lead Producer: Holly DeMuth
Associate Producer: Ali McPherson
Reporting by Valen Iricibar, Megan Burney, and Erika Wheless.
Engineer: Chad Bernhard
Guest: Tre’vell Anderson
Editors: Kalli Anderson and Maggie Freleng

Music credits: Dan Lebowitz, Jason Chaw, and Kai Farr.

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