October 4,2023

In this episode, we hear from one of New York’s fastest triathletes, who just happens to be blind. Then we visit Queens, where there is an exhibit that raises questions about touching art and a dance festival where the performers are advocating for resources.

Our host sits down with journalist Nick Morgan, who has been following the crypto case closely. Then, we go on a tour to learn how some members of the Crown Heights neighborhood are combating Jewish hate. Later in the show, we take a look at prison reform and hear from Darren Mack, a formerly incarcerated activist and spokesperson for the freedom agenda.

Managing Producer: Ashley Reed
Producer: Amanda Kari McHugh
Host: Nicolas Magrino
Assistant Producer: Aaliyah Fisher
Reporters: Christian Nazario, Rachel Goldman, Safiyah Riddle, Sajina Shrestha, Kimberly Izar, Amanda Kari McHugh, and Alex Krales
Guest: Nicholas Morgan, Fae Weichsel and Darren Mack
Editors: Maggie Freleng and Richard Yeh
Sound Engineers: Chad Bernhard and Amber Watson
Music: Audionautix.com,Takio ItoYocchore composed for the Yosakoi Soran Festival, Live music from the Ayazamana Dance Group, Moisei Productions