November 1, 2023

On this episode of AudioFiles season 12, we hear from New Yorkers affected by the Israel and Palestine conflict and hear from union actors who are still protesting for better contracts and livable wages. Then we head to the Bronx, where we visit the last ever Bronx night market, and hear from a local artist making therapeutic art accessible for her community. We also learn about the growing popularity of the ancient board game Weiqi or Go. Later in the show, Host Aaliyah Fisher sits down with Reporter Elias Guerra about what government officials are doing to prevent severe flooding and the effects of major storms as we approach the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Managing Producer: Ashley Reed
Producer: Christian Nazario
Host: Aaliyah Fisher
Assistant Producer: Nicolas Magrino

Reporters: Rachel Goldman, Kimberly Izar, Amanda Kari McHugh, Alex Krales, Safiyah Riddle, Sajina Shrestha

Editors: Maggie Freleng and Richard Yeh

Sound Engineers: Amber Watson and Chad Bernhard.

Guests: Graham Rayman, Elias Guerra, Samuel Turvey And Cezar Nicolescu.

Music credits: Jason Shaw on, Benjamin Tissot on, Infraction, and Komiku on